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Mansi Pareek

Psychological wellbeing is crucial not only to your state of mind, but also to your physical health.

"Psychological wellbeing involves being both happy and content, with low levels of distress, good mental health, and quality of life."

- American Psychological Association

Mansi Pareek Background

My Professional Development 

  • A Master's degree in Psychology

  • Diploma in Relationship Counselling 

  • Certified Children and Adolescents Counsellor

  • Member of Counsellors Council of India

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy  

  • Practitioner Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy  

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist 

  • Certificate in Managing ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities-Colorado System

  • Certificate in The Science of Well-Being for Teens-Yale University 

  • Certificate in ADHD:Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students-Yale University

I provide mental health assistance to individuals and families with a safe, warm, and accepting environment to express themselves. This helps to enable harmony, happiness and vitality, perceive negative thoughts, regulate emotions, increase self- awareness, boost self-esteem, repair and strengthen relationships, and develop effective coping strategies in them. I have also lent support to those who struggled with disrupted mental health post COVID-19. Through my Instagram and Facebook page @_journeywithin_bymansi/Journey Within by Mansi, I try to spread awareness towards mental health and how it affects individuals and their relationship with their loved ones. 

In my sessions I use multiple approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, positive psychology techniques, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (psychological acupressure/tapping) and much more. I have a working experience with a diverse clientele. I've spent a great deal of time interacting with people of various cultures. I am also LGBTQ+ friendly. My clients come from a full spectrum of socio-economic statuses and belief systems. 

Seeking help for mental health requires a lot of courage. It is not only for major mental health issues but also helps in deeper understanding of oneself and can be your path towards self-discovery. It is a great way to show self love and self care.

You have already taken a huge step, if you have come this far and found me for support and care. So, what’s stopping you?  Book a session now to regain focus, and take control of your precious life. You, like the rest of us, are worth investing in!

I assure to do my best to help you achieve a happy, satisfied and meaningful life.

Remember, There’s Hope and You’re Not Alone!

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